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          Changsha Huangmei Medical Beauty

          Release time: 2019-07-04 03:46 Author:admin


                    The main core of the Changsha Huangmei Medical and Beauty Agency has beauty, hairdressing, image design, body shaping, health care, etc. Now it has a large number of high-quality, high-level hair stylists and senior beauticians who are avant-garde, innovative and leading. Talents, Huangmei has always led the fashion, becoming the trend of beauty in Ningxiang, which is loved by the majority of women; “All for the customer, all for innovation”, Huangmei’s exquisite technology and warm and thoughtful service are not only recognized by experts and peers, but also In the minds of consumers, we have a good reputation. The company implements the concept of “people-oriented, pursuing excellence” and regards “respecting industry culture and enhancing industry status” as its mission. After years of unremitting efforts and rapid development, it has become a well-known brand in Ningxiang beauty and hairdressing industry and has become Ningxiang beauty salon industry leader, in 2014 by Changsha City Beauty Salon Cosmetics Industry Association as "advanced units."
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