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          What is the longest shelf life of rhinoplasty materials?

          Date of publication: 2019-07-04

          A flower on the face is all about the nose. It can be seen how important the position of the nose is in the five senses. Unsatisfactory nasal type can achieve beautiful results through surgery. What is the longest shelf life of rhinoplasty m...

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          Chin determines the shape of the face

          Date of publication: 2019-07-04

          The beauty of a woman depends on her face, and the beauty of her face depends on her chin. The chin is an artifact that modifies the face. If your face is not ideal, you can achieve a beautiful purpose through the chin surgery. Before the op...

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          Whether the rhinoplasty material is silicone or expanded

          Date of publication: 2019-07-04

          The rhinoplasty material is made of silica gel or expanded body, this problem has bothered many people. It is also a solid prosthesis, and the shape is better. Both prostheses are resistant to high and low temperature, chemical stability, co...

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