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          When you grow old, will the Rhinoplasty nose deform?

          Release time: 2019-07-04 05:16 Author:tashi
           When you grow old, will the Rhinoplasty nose deform?

          There are people who love beauty. In order to have a beautiful face, many people will perform facial plastic surgery. The most popular item is rhinoplasty. Most of the young people who are undergoing rhinoplasty are about 30 years old. After the rhinoplasty, they are very happy, but then they may worry that if they are older, the nose will not collapse.
          As you age, the collagen and moisture in your skin will continue to flow, and your skin will become slack and aging. But the bones don't distort with age. Rhinoplasty is a material implanted under the fascia at the bridge of the nose. As long as the implant is not hyaluronic acid and protein lines, it is equivalent to adding a little height to the bone.

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          As long as the rhinoplasty material is regular and safe, and the doctor can correct the shape during surgery, even if the age is growing, as long as the material does not shift or deflect, the shape of the nose will not change, because the implanted material is also Part of the bone.
          Korean sun facial plastic material, produced in South Korea, imported, segmented design is not broken, natural shape, soft curve, is a good choice for facial plastic surgery, please consult the major plastic surgery hospitals.

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