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          How about Korean prosthetic rhinoplasty?

          Release time: 2019-07-04 05:14 Author:admin

                   The nose is a watershed of temperament, a symbol of the Palace of Finance, and an interpretation of marital happiness. The nose shape is not ideal, and it can be achieved through prosthetic rhinoplasty.
                   According to the requirements of orthopedics, the implanted prosthesis must be placed between the nasal periosteum and the bone tissue to form a continuous whole nose so that the steps are not formed, the prosthesis will not loosen, and at the same time Limit the rejection of rejection.
                    Whether the placement of the prosthesis is the best, the beauty seeker who has done rhinoplasty may wish to check the placement of the prosthesis: first, touch the nose down with your hand to see if there is any sense of step. Generally speaking, if the prosthesis is placed under the periosteum, the nose is very harmonious in appearance, and the sense of step is absolutely impossible to touch. Secondly, the tip of the nose is gently pushed by hand, paying special attention to the observation of the base of the nose to see if there is any sway of the prosthesis.
                   Korean sun facial prosthesis, with velvet grinding surface, curved surface carving, seamless splicing, segmented design, soft and hard combination, opaque, non-displacement, soft handfeel, natural effect, etc., deeply favored by beauty seekers For details, please consult the hospitals across the country.
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