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          Which parts of the plastic can increase the value of the face?

          Release time: 2019-07-04 05:14 Author:admin

          Look at the face of the face value to lead the mainstream, the higher the value, the greater the market value. Do not believe, look at those who are handsome, luck is much better than a mediocre person.
          Eyes are the windows of the soul, a pair of beautiful big eyes, is a symbol of agility and intelligence, double eyelids is the crowning touch, if the eyes are not perfect, you can achieve beautiful results by cutting double eyelid surgery.

          The height of the nose directly determines the temperament and the three-dimensionality of the facial features. A moderately low nose improves not only the temperament and facial lines, but also the improvement of marital happiness and wealth.

          The so-called "fullness of the heavens" refers to the forehead, a person with a full forehead, must be Fuhui double-collected, blessed by the ancestors, if the forehead is not ideal, you can achieve the ideal purpose through the prosthesis filling surgery.

          The chin is the lower court in the three eyes of the three courts. He is in charge of the treasury and the old age. The chin grows prosperous and slightly raised. The upper part of the treasury is rich. If the chin is not ideal, it can achieve the desired effect through surgery.

          Korean sun facial prosthesis, with velvet grinding surface, curved surface carving, seamless splicing, segmented design, soft and hard combination, opaque, non-displacement, soft handfeel, natural effect, etc., deeply favored by beauty seekers For details, please consult the hospitals across the country.
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