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          What are the sequelae of prosthetic rhinoplasty? How to avoid?

          Release time: 2019-07-04 05:14 Author:admin

               The beauty face is all about the nose. This is not a fake at all. The nose is tall and fleshy, representing outstanding temperament, happy feelings and good fortune. If the congenital nasal type is not ideal, you can achieve the ideal goal through rhinoplasty.
          Rhinoplasty surgery can be roughly divided into three types: prosthetic rhinoplasty, injection of hyaluronic acid rhinoplasty, autologous rhinoplasty, and currently popular and durable stereotypes are prosthetic rhinoplasty, once implanted, if there is no discomfort, can be kept for several years.

          Any operation are have risky. If an infection occurs during surgery, or if the rhinoplasty mechanism is not too hard, it will lead to the following:
          1. The prosthesis is skewed. This situation is completely improperly treated by doctors. Some small hospitals may hire some unqualified hospitals for surgery. It is most likely to have an operation in such a hospital, but as long as Amy's friends choose a qualified plastic surgery hospital and a doctor's prosthesis, this sequelae can be avoided.

          2. The light transmission of the prosthesis is due to the fact that the prosthesis material is related to the level of the prosthesis placement. If the prosthesis is unqualified or the placement level is not in place, this phenomenon is very likely to occur. However, this situation can be completely avoided, as long as the selection of qualified materials, all the sequelae of experienced doctors can be avoided.

          3. Exclusion reaction, according to each person's situation, placement of different prosthesis may cause some friends to have a rejection reaction, the best way to avoid this situation is to perform a fine examination of the surgeon before surgery, for the row Different reaction physiques choose the method of replacing other prostheses.
          Korean sun facial prosthesis, with velvet grinding surface, curved surface carving, seamless splicing, segmented design, soft and hard combination, opaque, non-displacement, soft handfeel, natural effect, etc., deeply favored by beauty seekers For details, please consult the hospitals across the country.
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