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          Toms Trading Co., Ltd. is committed to introducing foreign high-quality plastic medical devices into China and creating a resource-sharing platform. Adhering to the concept of creating wealth for distributors and shareholders, promoting the healthy and beautiful life of the public, opening up new areas of medical cosmetology and plastic surgery to serve the public.
          Toms Trading Co., Ltd. is the general agent of Korea Solar Facial Prostheses and Solar Nose Splints in China. Its product features are as follows:
          Korea Sun is a medium and high-end product series created by SUN MEDICAL Corporation (Korea Sun Medical Devices Co., Ltd.).。SUN  MEDICAL Co., Ltd. is a reliable silicone counterfeit manufacturer with over 30 years of experience in Korea. It is committed to providing customers with industry-leading and flawless products. The company is located in the beautiful tourist resort of Gyeonggi Dao, which is also the home of many famous Korean stars.
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