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          SUN MEDICAL CORPORATION  Korea Sun Medical Equipment Co., Ltd.

          ·Over 30 years of professional facial prosthesis production experience
          ·The company is located in Yiwang City, Gyeonggi-do, South Korea. It is the hometown of many famous Korean stars.
          · Focus on the development and production of facial prosthetics, professional facial prosthetics tailored for Asians, especially for nasal prostheses
          ·A series of facial prosthesis production technologies including “velvet grinding surface”, “seamless stitching” and “curved surface carving” in 10 years
          ·SUN (Korea Sun) facial prosthesis has passed the quality certification of ISO (ISO13485), the Korea Food and Drug Administration (KFDA) certification, and the China Food and Drug Administration (CFDA).

          Velvet surface

          SUN is the first facial prosthesis company developed and produced in South Korea and around the world using velvet grinding technology. After many improvements, the latest velvet grinding surface has reached the world's superb level. The ultra-fine fluffy surface enhances the compatibility of the prosthesis with human tissue, and the firmness is greatly improved, and the application effect is more stable and longer lasting.

          Surface carving technology

          Through the combination of traditional craftsmanship and modern high-tech technology, all of SUN's facial products have added a unique process technology, namely curved surface carving technology. The carved facial prosthesis has a more natural curve, and it is easier for the doctor to engrave the surgery, save time and effort, and the implant is simpler. This is one of the reasons why doctors and patients prefer SUN facial prosthesis.

          Seamless stitching technology

          The SUN nasal prosthesis is based on the physiological structure of the human nose. The nose, nose and nose of the nasal prosthesis are designed in two sections and three sections. The softness of each segment of the nasal prosthesis is different. The splicing technique of different materials has always been a major problem in segmented products. In the past, surgical complaints caused by splicing breaks often remain high. After three years of research on the molecular properties of silica gel, Korea Sun Company pioneered the seamless splicing technology. The products produced by this technology have no worries about disconnection, and the shape is more real and natural.

          A segment of nasal prosthesi

          Two-stage nasal prosthesis

          Three-segment nasal prosthesi

          Nasal base

          Chin prosthesis

          Forehead prosthesis

          Temporal prosthesis

          Zygomatic prosthesis

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