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          Whether the rhinoplasty material is silicone or expanded

          Date of publication: 2019-07-04

          The rhinoplasty material is made of silica gel or expanded body, this problem has bothered many people. It is also a solid prosthesis, and the shape is better. Both prostheses are resistant to high and low temperature, chemical stability, co...

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          Korea Sun Medical Devices Co., Ltd. is founded by SUN. MEDICAL Co., Ltd. (Korea Sun Medical Company) strives to build a series of high-end products.SUN MEDICAL Co., Ltd. is a reliable silicone counterfeit manufacturer with over 30 years of experience in Korea. It is committed to providing customers with industry-leading and flawless products. The company is located in the beautiful tourist resort of Gyeonggi Dao, which is also the home of many famous Korean stars.

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